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Re: GTK 2.2 install helps DIA problems...

> I hope the windows developers will build the next version of Dia using the
> shared GTK but I dont know if that is going to happen, I hope they will
> take your comments as a recommendation to use the shared GTK.
As Hans is also doing GTK+ development, I don't think this is an option 
for him (Hans, please correct if I'm wrong). For me and the installer 
this is definitely an option, I'm currently investigating the packages 
and the results look very promising (also because I'm finally able to 
build using MSVC6 instead of MSVC7).

Expect a new dia release for Windows soon. The new release will fix the
incredible mixed runtime problems. And here's one drawback of the
just-copy-the-dlls-over approach: Saving the preferences will still not 
work (It will with the new release).

I'm not sure whether the release should be a rebuild of 0.91 or a 
snapshot of the current CVS version - any comments on this? Keep in mind 
that 0.92 might only be a month away.


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