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RE: tool selector

Looks like it's a bit more powerful than that.  Spacebar changes to the
previously SELECTED tool.  Thus, if you want to flip back and forth between
draw circle and draw Ethernet bus: select circle, select Ethernet bus (mouse
over drawing) and spacebar now toggles between them.  Nice.

If you actually draw something, and you've got "Reset tools after create"
turned on, it re-selects the "Modify Objects" tool after you draw, killing
the above toggle.

I'd like to see the escape key select the "Modify Objects" tool.  Currently,
escape doesn't seem to do anything.


  fork agent( smith );

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> Le Mon, Aug 18, 2003, à 03:09:37PM +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit:
> > I didn't know about the spacebar trick, nice one Cyrille.
> > Is that documented anywhere?
> I don't know. At least now it's going to be googlable in a few weeks.
> 	-- Cyrille
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