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Re: tool selector

Le Mon, Aug 18, 2003, à 09:06:49AM +0200, Fulko van Westrenen a écrit:

> There is one point I would like to discuss. All drawing tools for MS-Windows
> have a design flaw in my opinion: when you select a drawing tool and draw an
> element, the tool resets to the selector after drawing. So if you want to
> draw twelve boxes, you must select the box-tool twelve times. Dia has the
> same behaviour. I think this is a serious mistake; it is a mouse-arm generating
> feature. Please change it, or make it a switch.

Try to hit the space bar; this should revert to the previously used tool.
Also, in the preferences dialog, there is a switch to disable this "reset
after use" setting.
> At the moment I use v0.88. If you already changed this, please ignore my
> comment. My appreciation remains.

Please definitely consider upgrading. The current version is 0.91, with 0.92
expected soon (my comments above may or may not apply to 0.88, I don't
exactly remember)

	-- Cyrille


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