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Re: Patch: New UML/CCM elements facet, receptacle, eventsource/sink

On 16 Aug 2003, debacle@knorke.in-berlin.de wrote:

> Hello dia-maintainers,
> for CCM (CORBA Component Model), one need to have UML
> symbols for facet, receptacle, event source, and event sink.
> Please take a look - I'm a dia hacking newbie.  Of course,
> I would be happy to see the stuff applied.  Usage:

Looks interesting, I'm working on applying it.

> Because I implemented the lines as OrthConn, but were in
> need of one connection, I had to add a new constructor in
> lib/orth_conn.[ch] orthconn_init_with_conns().

Why can't you just do orthconn_init() and then object_add_connectionpoint()?


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