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Adding a togglebutton to the property-box


During my quest to have double-line support in Dia, I've somehow been able to
add something to the property dialog of the "Standard - Line":

I have however no idea how I did that, I never did a gtk_entry_new, and I was
actually planning on adding a GtkToggleButton there (of which I think have
already included the base).

My current diff is available at
Use patch with "-l", otherwise parts will fail (tab/space convertions).

Can anyone tell me how this dialog is created, why there already is a
GtkEntry there and how I get a GtkToggleButton over there?

I don't think dia_line_style_selector_init (in lib/widgets.c) is the correct
place to do so.

	Sven Vermeulen

PS Don't hesitate to tell me if I'm on the wrong track with some/all stuff :)

    Save some animals, eat a vegetarian.

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