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Re: Increasing "drawing-box"

Le Mon, Aug 11, 2003, à 12:53:54PM +0200, Sven Vermeulen a écrit:
> Hi,
> How should I enlargen the "drawing-box" that embodies the object that gets
> rendered? For the "Standard - Line" this box is defined by the two handlers
> of the line itself. However, if I change the line to be able to house
> "double" lines, parts of that double-line don't get rendered immediately. 

Have a look at lib/boundingbox.h; you want to increase the start and
end_trans members of the LineBBExtras structure (these should be the minimum
of your thicker line and the arrows' requirements on the _trans members).

There is a hidden setting in the preferences (see in app/) to make the
bounding boxes visible.

	-- Cyrille


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