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Re: How many use the diagram tree?

On 8 Aug 2003, ashalper@cox.net wrote:
>> From: Lars Clausen <lrclause@cs.uiuc.edu>
>>> I will desperately need UML views (The Unified Modeling Language User
>>> Guide, p. 468) in the near future.  The diagram is already too complex
>>> to view in its entirety (it is derived from a horrifying government
>>> legacy system).
>> I'm afraid I don't have that book.  Can you give some idea of what it
>> is, and how you could conceive of it being used in Dia?
> My interpretation of it is one or more diagrams of the same set of
> objects, each diagram including some subset and only a subset of the
> original set, but otherwise independent of each other.  I haven't used
> Rational or any other commercial UML tool, so I don't know how it's
> implemented there, but ERwin has something similar and I use it quite a
> bit to make less cluttered subschema diagrams of the larger schema.

I see.

> In Dia, it would be a little tricky to implement in terms of interface
> design, because it would be very useful for UML/ER diagrams, but perhaps
> not as useful (or even useless) for the other sheets.

Maybe if you could have connections between layers, you could have each
view be a layer.

>>> What is "AA"?
>> Anti-aliasing.
> Oh, yes.  I thought there used to be a checkbox for that somewhere under
> Preferences?  Can't find it now.

It's under View.


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