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Re: Re: How many use the diagram tree?

> From: Lars Clausen <lrclause@cs.uiuc.edu>

> > I will desperately need UML views (The Unified Modeling Language User
> > Guide, p. 468) in the near future.  The diagram is already too complex to
> > view in its entirety (it is derived from a horrifying government legacy
> > system).
> I'm afraid I don't have that book.  Can you give some idea of what it is,
> and how you could conceive of it being used in Dia?

My interpretation of it is one or more diagrams of the same set of objects, each diagram including some subset and only a subset of the original set, but otherwise independent of each other.  I haven't used Rational or any other commercial UML tool, so I don't know how it's implemented there, but ERwin has something similar and I use it quite a bit to make less cluttered subschema diagrams of the larger schema.

In Dia, it would be a little tricky to implement in terms of interface design, because it would be very useful for UML/ER diagrams, but perhaps not as useful (or even useless) for the other sheets.

> > What is "AA"?
> Anti-aliasing.

Oh, yes.  I thought there used to be a checkbox for that somewhere under Preferences?  Can't find it now.


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