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RE: Windows Dia version under WinXP

I think he was talking about the deluge of messages like this during

(dia.exe:1264): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous
GError or
 uninitialized memory. This indicates a bug in someone's code. You must
ensure an error is NULL before it's set. The overwriting error message was:
Error during conversion: No error

This is supposedly caused by not compiling all libraries with the same tool
set, and will be fixed eventually. I just minimized the console window and
ignore these messages.


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From: Alan Horkan [mailto:horkana@maths.tcd.ie]
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Subject: Re: Windows Dia version under WinXP

On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Vlad Pomelov wrote:

> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 20:48:38 +0500
> From: Vlad Pomelov <radioam@nm.ru>
> Reply-To: dia-list@gnome.org
> To: dia-list@gnome.org
> Subject: Windows Dia version under WinXP
> Hi
> Your program is very good and useful. But the console window
> permanently shows errors,

As far as I know there is not yet an option to disable this information.
There probably should be but that might have to wait until Dia 1.0 because
technially all the current releases of Dia are unsupported Beta software
and we need feedback on any bugs that you might find.  Without the command
line error messages it is a lot harder to figure out what is happening
when things go wrong.

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