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Re: Uninstalling dia 0.9

The dia uninstaller does not use the default uninstall icon, are you sure
it really is not there?  What about the uninstall shorcut in

If you want to manually remove Dia you can delete the Dia folder and then
run something like Regclean (download from Microsoft) which should clean
up any registry entries.
There is probably also a .dia folder in your userprofile directory which
you can also delete.

I am sorry that Dia did not meet your needs, we would appreciate if you
could give us some feedback (but be gentle please, Dia is developed by
volunteers in their spare time).
If you told us what you were looking for perhaps we could point you in the
right direction.

Alan Horkan

PS Steffen could you please change the installer to use the default
uninstall icon, using the same icon for the program and the uninstaller is
mildly confusing.

On Sat, 12 Oct 2002, Ron Hirsch wrote:

> Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 06:43:01 -0400 From: Ron Hirsch
> <ronhirsch@adelphia.net> Reply-To: dia-list@gnome.org To:
> dia-list@gnome.org Subject: Uninstalling dia 0.9
> I just installed dia 0.9. After reviewing things, I decided that the
> program was not what I had expected, and I wanted to uninstall the
> program. But uninstall failed, and the following error box came up.
> My system is a very high end P4 system running Windows XP Home with
> SP1 installed.
> I checked the dia folder, and the unninstall file is not there.
> Please advise -
> Thanks for your help.
> Ron Hirsch

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