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Re: Announcement: Medoosa 1.1

Le Mon, Mar 25, 2002, à 01:54:44AM +0100, Martin Vidner a écrit:
> Hi,
> Medoosa is a documentation tool for C++ that can produce UML class
> diagrams including generalizations and associations. Corrections can be
> made interactively in a diagram editor (Dia) and are fed back into the
> source as Javadoc-style comments.

Wow, this sounds *really* cool. I'll look into it the thursday after the
next, consider this an informal Intent To Package (ITP) if no other Debian
Developer picks it up by then (but it's 110% okay if someone does it before
I do -- hence the "informal ITP")

How hard would it be to have a doxygen-style comment target instead of a
javadoc-style one ? (yes, I know doxygen can have both, but currently I'm
using doxygen-style in my day work)

	-- Cyrille


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