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.spec file in 0.88.1 out of date

The dia.spec file in dia-0.88.1.tar.gz incorrectly uses 0.88 as
the version number, and this prevents the user from issuing
the command 'rpm -ta dia-0.88.1.tar.gz' successfully to build
an RPM package.

I suggest renaming dia.spec to dia.spec.in, replacing "0.88" with
@VERSION@ and "dia" with @PACKAGE@, and then adding "dia.spec"
to the AC_OUTPUT() clause in the configure.in file.

By the way, I wanted to check if that idea had already been used
in the CVS version of dia, but nothing currently answers on the
CVS port (2401) on anoncvs.gnome.org (Sat Mar 23 03:45:08 UTC 2002),
even though the machine pings.

Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip at sympatico dot ca>

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