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Win32: 0.89pre1 is Missing some Network Shapes

Last week I submitted this as a bug to the "Dia Win32 Installer" project on
SourceForge, but it occured to me that it may also exist in the latest Unix
versions, as well.

    Just updated 0.88(.2 or .3 - I think) to 0.89-pre-1 and when
    I tried to open a previous diagram of our network I
    received many(!) pop-ups stating:

            Error loading diagram.
        Linked object not found in document.

    A bit of checking against ver 0.88.3 (on another
    machine) showed that some of the "Network" shapes were
    missing (possibly the inherent ones?) --such as, A
    Computer, A Monitor, A Simple Printer, the Stackable
    Hub, & the Wireless Antenna.
    However, the Network Cloud & other XML "submitted"
    shapes were still present.

    I tried re-installing 0.89 to a directory path without
    a space in it (ie. somewhere other than Program Files),
    but that didn't work either.

    Also, the "Sybase" & "Lables" groups are missing from
    this version, although this may have been intentional...

Since then, I've read all of this mailing lists' posts back thru January,
but no one else seems to have encountered this problem.  I've also noticed
that the size of the Network.dll has dropped from 42kb (in 0.88) to 14kb (in
0.89).  Is this correct??

Any help here will be greatly appreciated.


Oh yea...as a side problem, our old copies of Dia 0.88 now seem to be unable
to open said Network diagrams (too complex, maybe?)  And while version 0.89
can't handle most of the shapes contained in them (but it does open the .dia
files, with many connection lines and little else).

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