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Confused about diagram page sizing

I'm a new user of dia v0.88.1 on Redhat 7.2. It looks
like a very well designed program with a lot of
utility and I'd like to use it. Here's my problem. 

I don't have printing working on my computer as yet,
so I can't test print dia pages. However, I've
exported a test diagram in "eps" format and viewed it
in GhostView  3.5.8 to see what the results look like.

Here are my questions:

1. It would appear from dia's doc that the blue lines
on a new diagram constitute page boundaries. Why are
the pages so small on the screen? Are these really
page boundaries?

2. Why are the pages at the top of the screen view
(after scrolling to the top) only half pages? I find
this confusing. Should I draw into these half pages,
or not?

3. Why does the screen view grow ever larger?  For
example, I drew a diagram into a page (within a
blue-lined box) and then copy/pasted the diagram into
the upper left hand corner (full page) in the screen,
only to find that the screen view had grown larger and
that my copied diagram was no longer in the upper left
corner. What exactly is going on?

4. If I were to print from a diagram screen, would I
get a printed page for each "page" on the dia diagram
that I've drawn?  How can I get rid of all these
excess empty dia pages?

As I said, I'd love to use this program, but this
particular aspect of dia has me vexed. It seems very
unintuitive and confusing. 

Please help. Thanks... 

Rick Horowitz

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