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[FreeType] bug with !ASCII


when I attempt to display a text with the following (latin9) string:

test avec des ¤ et des à et des è
et des ö 

I get the PNG attached here (I added the bounding boxes; it looks like it's
too big).  Also, the cursor is behaving strangely, it seems that for each 
non-ASCII character, two characters are counted. This certainly hints me
towards a problem with UTF-8 handling...

(when building without --enable-freetype, the text is perfect. The EPS file
also shows that the font is correctly downloaded, although it lacks the euro
symbol -- which is a problem in that font, not in your code. The space for
that symbol is properly accounted for. 
The EPS file is in http://www.chepelov.org/cyrille/dia )

Still not done the StringPrerenderer cleanup.

	-- Cyrille




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