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Re: Commercial use of DIA

I should hope so.

There is a lot of people profiting off of works created with The Gimp,
people writing books and papers with Abiword, etc. My wife has
published papers that were created with Abiword+Gnumeric or
I draw flow-charts and project diagrams with Dia and use them in
presentations at work (a "commercial use"?).

I say, as long as I am understanding your question properly, Go for it!


On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 12:49:37 -0000, andreas polak bt com
<andreas polak bt com> wrote:
> Hi, 
> my name ist Andreas Polak. I study Computer Science in Frankfurt /Germany
> and writing my final year Project. 
> Found now your great programm and want to ask, if it is possiblem to draw
> network schemes and use it in my finaly year project? 
> I also want to write a book and want to use this pictures in it. 
> It is possiple to use the pictures for commercial use? 
> Thanks for your answer, 
> best reguards 
> Andreas Polak 
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