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Hi folks,

According to the statistics of the gnome buzilla concerning the dia project I noticed the followings:

Many patches aren't reviewed : I can see no comments nor any status change
bug concerned are : 137798, 133861, 133859, 142663, 124608, 148174, 151147, 147728, 144956, 153606, 157012, 155255, 159592, 159598, 108891, 117497, 161040, 153609, 162034, 163260, 60331.

Also, dia ranks #8 among all apps on the gnome CVS concerning statics of patches not reviewed.
-> dia 59% (19/32) 19 bugs reviewed among 32.

I just hope you can manage to close/reopen/comment those bugs to get this application better.

Thanks, Toady.

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