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Rugby Diagrams [was Re: new member]

On Sun, 26 Dec 2004, Paul Sutton wrote:

> Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 20:46:38 +0000
> From: Paul Sutton <zen14920 zen co uk>
> Reply-To: discussions about usage and development of dia
>     <dia-list gnome org>
> To: dia-list gnome org
> Subject: new member

Sorry for not replying sooner.

> Hi
> I am a rugby coach in the Uk, (but also into computers)  I thought it
> would be an nice idea to have a program that could help me draw diagrams
> of drills for my coaching sessions,  but I have very little programming
> knowledge,  then I remembered dia and thought that it would probably be
> more worth while getting some help with new elements for this or just
> suggesting some,  and perhaps help the program branch out into another area.

I was thinking there must be standard convention you could use, something
simple like X's for players and then various arrows.  If there isn't
something for rugby you might be able to borrow idea from American
football as they seem to have set plays all planned out and more inclined
to create diagrams than rugby teams (maybe professional rugby players are
similarly regimented, I dont know).

> For rugby I need elements to represent
> cones

should be easy enough to create some sort of triangles/cones.

> ball

I'd recommend you do something simple with two curves (or perhaps a
bezier) like () and rather than having it straight to draw it diagonally.

If you draw the rugby ball (why do they call it a ball when it is oval?)
diagonally you will be able to flip it to get slighly different versions
and that might be useful while we dont have full rotation.

> player with ball
> player without ball

> path of ball (passing)

Definately arrows.

> tackle bag (the storage element from flowchart works here)
> tackle shield
> corner flag pole (used in fitness)

probably use a differently shaped triangle, might cheat and use colours
too.  (Ideally everything should be clear enough to work as black and
white and only be coloured in as needed.)

Hope that helps.  Good luck.

- Alan H.

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