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First of all, DIA is the first application I found that works both on *nux and
windows, and thats great because I'm able to work at home(*nux) and at

Apart from that, I have a few improvemnts ideas i'd like to share with you:

First, the ability to add folder for example in the diagram tree, so that we can
virtually place all the objects we want in diferent dirs, which will be
imitated when generating code. For example, if we have a folder for includes,
all include objects will be placed on that folder. If in the same diagram we
also have a modules folder, then we place all modules inside that dir. Like
this when for example generating code for php, we have everything placed where
it should be, respecting agregations, association, etc, with the righ paths.
This of course isn't needed in the diagram, just an addition to advanced
properties of objects to select it's respecting dir, or we could do this in the
diagram tree, or something similiar.

Secondly the abillity to add a "header" in all generated code files to include
for example licencing. This, of course would have to also parse some variables
inside the header like(examples):
%user% - The user's name logged in, preferably the long name.

Thirdly, well, I had something on my mind but I haven't slept in a day...

Well, for now, these two improvements would be great!!!!!!



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