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Re: Patch: UML component resizing

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 01:26, Toni Prug wrote:
> Hello maintainers,
> i find UML component object to be to un-practical to use.
> Apart from two left side bumps being too big and taking too much space,
> and appearing as a visual noise to an extent, major issue i have is the
> auto-risizing according to the text inputed.

They actually ought to at least be placed reasonably, maybe resized,
according to component size.  They look really stupid on a big
component.  Not sure how exactly they're suppose to behave during
resize, though.

>  It's the ability to arbitrarily resize
> component object that was crucial for me to be able to use Dia instead of
> propriatory Erwin. Component objects are still enalarged as the text is
> typed into them - i didn't touch that feature.
> Patch is against todays CVS.

Thank you, I have applied it to the devel branch.  

You may want to look at Flowchart - Box to a slightly better
implementation.  This one has the weirdness that if you pick the
top-left corner and resize it smaller than its minimum size, you
actually move it.  That is not quite the way it should be.


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