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Re: tweaking UML diagrams

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 22:05, Robert Staudinger wrote:
> Hello, 
> i've been doing a few class diagrams in dia, which i then exported to
> eps in order to include them in a latex document.
> It would be really cool if there would be a possibility to reduce the
> class-boxes', arrows' etc. border width because the diagram looks very
> "bold" after latex pdf generation.
> I've been looking into the saved .dia file, but line-width doesn't seem
> to be an explicit property of the uml shapes.
> Any possibility to get "finer" lines would really help me. Maybe there's
> even a possibility to hack (postprocess :) the eps file? 

The UML class source file defines 


While it can be changed to be settable in the properties, the UML class
code is really fugly and I cannot advice anyone who values his or her
sanity to try to add stuff to it.

Still haven't heard back about the PROP_LIST update that would allow us
to finally get all UML objects into stdprop format (basically, it has to
provide the list-with-properties-per-item like UML Class operations and


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