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Re: Dia questions, problems...HELP!

Please try and keep things onlist so that they get archived, that way
others might be able to find useful olderanswers when searching.

> Thanks for the reply.  I am running DIA V-0.91 according to the startup
> splash.

0.91 is pretty old at this stage (years old), again I'd encourage you to
try out the 0.94 prerelease which has been pretty stable for me so far.

> I have solved my DIA problem with CTRL-C, CTRL-X, CTRL-V, etc.  It seems
> to have been related to some parameter that was set when I temporarily
> switched from KDE to Gnome.  When I went back to KDE and then rebooted
> the problem went away (I hate it when something fixes itself like
> that!).

Fair enough.

> Yes, I finally found the line-width buttons.  I feel a bit foolish that
> it didn't happen sooner!

Dont worry about it.  The fact that it was not easier to find was clearly
the problem.  I do not like saying RTFM, in a really good interface
it should rarely be necessary.

> Text size change still does not work for me, and that is my one
> remaining show-stopper problem.

There have been some text size glitches, but I've never encountered them
personally so I dont know that issue very well but it is quite likely that
an upgrade would help.

> What tool would you suggest I use for editing/creating .SVG images to
> enhance the objects available in Dia?

Your favourite text editor :)
You could create the SVG in just about any program but you would need to
do quite a bit of cleanup work to get the Dia shape importer to be happy
about it.  In the past I created my shapes in Dia with a lot of help from
a text editor to add extra connection points and stuff (and a combination
of mspaint and another graphics program to sharpen up the icons).

> Presently I am working an RF design contract, but after that is finished
> maybe I can devote some more time to Dia.  Any additions or changes that

We are always glad to see more people get involved and contribute to Dia
in any way they can.

> I might make will be forwarded to the Dia group in case you guys want to
> incorporate some of it.

Please do let us know on the list and attach any patches to reports in
bugzilla to prevent them from being lost.

> Again, thanks for the reply and assistance.

You're welcome, thanks for using Dia

- Alan

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