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Re: Value of custom property

--- Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> escribió:
> Le Mon, Jul 05, 2004, Ã  01:12:58PM +0200,
> pipothebit a écrit:
> > Hi all!!!
> > I need to specify a custom property value in a
> custom
> > shape definition. For example, when i declare a
> custom
> > property:
> You can't have custom properties in shapes. If you
> want to have control
> over the properties an object can or can't have, you
> have to create a
> programmed object.
> 	-- Cyrille
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When you define a curtom shape (xml that defines a
shape) you have the option to specify a custom
property in form of: ext_attribute name="name"
description="Nombre del componente" type="string"

I need to specify a property value in that definition
in form of :

In last post the html view of mail hiddes that
definition, sorry about it and for my horrible

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