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Re: Rounded Polyline, and other questions?

So thinking about this further I think what I'll do is create a function
which will generate the entire rounded polygon as a polygon, that way
polygon fill will just work.  I remembered that in the Graphics Gem I
grabbed the fillet code from, they had a function to draw an arc made
of line segments, cannibalizing that I should be able to create a
function to create a new polygon consisting of the clipped segments
of the original polygon and segmented arcs (segmented at say 1 degree

This might also be a useful way to do rounded rectangles, because you
can simply use polygon filling again.  I believe that would mean that
all standard shapes would then be either an ellipse fill or a polygon
fill (ie, no stitching together of filled areas, like occurs in the
rounded box case).  Would that allow for anything interesting to be
done with fill styles?  (I noticed some sort of comment in the box
code about fill styles not working for rounded boxes).

Anyway, I'll hopefully get around to implementing this weekend.
If I get it done should I change the rounded rects to be done in
the same way?


Anthony Molinaro                                 <anthonym overture com>

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