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Re: Feature freeze for 0.94 coming up

On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 12:57, Maurizio Tidei wrote:
> A few weeks ago I sent this patch providing line wrapping in classes. It's not 
> very large, and I would appreciate it much if you could have a look on it and 
> possibly include it in 0.94, if you think it's an useful improvement for the 
> UML class diagrams.
> We needed this in our company to optimize the design of UML diagrams 
> containing classes whose methods had much parameters. Since some other users 
> seemed to miss this feature in other diagram drawing software, I decided to 
> make a patch, so that Dia could get this little advantage over other software 
> in this point, too.

Thanks, I have applied it now.  I notice that it only wraps each
operation once, is that on purpose, or would it be easy to extend to
arbitrarily many wraps?

> Keep up your good work, Dia is the best linux diagramming program.

Thank you.  It's due to contributors like you.


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