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Re: On Shapes and SVG

Le Wed, Jun 30, 2004, à 10:25:27PM -0700, anthonym overture com a écrit:
> Is there anyone doing any ongoing work on SVG?  If not could someone
> give me a quick rundown of where I might need to look to support
> the 'A' in paths (since that seems to be what is used for writing), or
> better yet a quick explanation of how SVG currently works and what is
> missing?

Have a look at plug-ins/svg/render_svg.c for the output
	       plug-ins/svg/svg-import.c for one way of loading SVG
	       objects/custom/shape_info.c for another
	       		(in particular, the function parse_svg_node() )
> Also, when creating custom shapes I often find myself spending a lot
> of time removing connection points.  I've found myself creating a dia
> file with a shape.  Exporting it as a shape and then having to edit
> the .shape file to remove connection points.  Has any thought gone into
> the ability to remove connections points from objects?

There may be some things to add to
http://faemalia.org/wiki/view/Technical/VirtualConnectionPoints and then
of course an implementation to do... 

	-- Cyrille


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