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dia SIGSEGV when I move Class object

 I have just compilled and run Dia. First impression
was good, but when I try to create UML diagram Dia crashed.
It crash (core dump) every time when I try to move "Class" or 
"Template class" object. Other objects (in UML sheet) are moved 
 When I try to run gdb on core I got next error:
   # gdb /usr/local/bin/dia core
   GNU gdb 5.3
   This GDB was configured as "sparc-sun-solaris2.8"...
   Core was generated by `/usr/local/bin/dia /export/home/dp/first.dia'.
   Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
   Reading symbols from /usr/local/lib/libintl.so.2...done.
   Loaded symbols for /usr/local/lib/libintl.so.2
   Reading symbols from /usr/local/lib/libexpat.so.0...dbxread.c:1732: 
     gdb-internal-error: sect_index_data not initialized

   An internal GDB error was detected.  This may make further
   debugging unreliable.  Quit this debugging session? (y or n) n

   Create a core file containing the current state of GDB? (y or n) n

   Reading symbols from /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-5_10/lib/libc_psr.so.1...done.
   Loaded symbols for /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-5_10/lib/libc_psr.so.1

 And stack:
   (gdb) where
   #0  0xfe50e71c in umlclass_update_data (umlclass=0x312640) at class.c:564
   #1  0xfe5109c4 in umlclass_move (umlclass=0x312640, to=0xffbeedd8)
       at class.c:237
   #2  0xff228084 in object_list_move_delta (objects=0x20499c, delta=0xffbeee70)
       at object.c:174
   #3  0x00036f68 in .LLC17 ()
   #4  0x0002cf44 in ddisplay_canvas_events (canvas=0x2e4aa8, event=0x149720, 
       ddisp=0x2dbe50) at disp_callbacks.c:572
   #5  0xfef6d3b4 in _gtk_marshal_BOOLEAN__BOXED (closure=0x2e1310, 
       return_value=0xffbef100, n_param_values=3033768, param_values=0xffbef258, 
       invocation_hint=0xffbef120, marshal_data=0x2cbfc) at gtkmarshalers.c:82
   #6  0xfea4c7e4 in g_closure_invoke (closure=0x2e1310, return_value=0xffbef100, 
       n_param_values=2, param_values=0xffbef258, invocation_hint=0xffbef120)
       at gclosure.c:437
   #7  0xfea65448 in signal_emit_unlocked_R (node=0x936b8, detail=0, 
       instance=0x2e4aa8, emission_return=0xffbef218, 
       instance_and_params=0xffbef258) at gsignal.c:2822
   #8  0xfea638f8 in g_signal_emit_valist (instance=0x2e4aa8, signal_id=1, 
       detail=0, var_args=0xffbef4ac) at gsignal.c:2564
   #9  0xfea63b80 in g_signal_emit (instance=0x2e4aa8, signal_id=25, detail=0)
       at gsignal.c:2612
   #10 0xff05bcd4 in gtk_widget_event_internal (widget=0x2e4aa8, event=0x149720)
       at gtkwidget.c:3097
   #11 0xff05b998 in gtk_widget_event (widget=0x2e4aa8, event=0x149720)
       at gtkwidget.c:3004
   #12 0xfef6d220 in gtk_propagate_event (widget=0x2e4aa8, event=0x149720)
       at gtkmain.c:2264
   #13 0xfef6bf48 in gtk_main_do_event (event=0x149720) at gtkmain.c:1503
   #14 0xfedc1530 in gdk_event_dispatch (source=0x149720, callback=0, 
       user_data=0x0) at gdkevents-x11.c:2005
   #15 0xfe9af1d8 in g_main_dispatch (context=0x8e600) at gmain.c:1720
   #16 0xfe9b03f8 in g_main_context_dispatch (context=0x8e600) at gmain.c:2268
   #17 0xfe9b084c in g_main_context_iterate (context=0x8e600, block=1, 
       dispatch=1, self=0x9aee8) at gmain.c:2349
   #18 0xfe9b120c in g_main_loop_run (loop=0x133648) at gmain.c:2569
   #19 0xfef6b50c in gtk_main () at gtkmain.c:1093
   #20 0x0005596c in main (argc=0, argv=0xffbef9ec) at main.c:42

   Dmitry Perfilyev

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