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GTK 2.2 install helps DIA problems...

I am a frequent user of the Win32 GAIM @
http://gaim.sourceforge.net & 
run into GTK quirks @ times. Apparently, the latest
version uses an 
updated GTK runtime that installs into a separate
directory (default is 
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0"). You can copy
the the folders 
in that directory over the existing ones in the
installed DIA 0.91-2 
folder & eliminate apparently all of the
"black-window" issues that 
happen beforehand. Also, if you obtain the library via
a GAIM install, 
GAIM is installable with themes, so the theme you use
with GAIM may get 
copied over into DIA when you copy the GTK files.

              Michael Adams
Email:        cwolfsheep@yahoo.com
Website:      http://rain.prohosting.com/mpadams

*. I run Norton AntiVirus 2003 & it does scan my
outgoing emails.

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