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Re: libart header compile error

On 13 Aug 2003, ashalper@cox.net wrote:
>> From: Lars Clausen <lrclause@cs.uiuc.edu>
>> Date: 2003/08/13 Wed PM 05:14:35 EDT
>> Aargh.  Libart includes are so broken.  They don't allow reinclude of
>> art_config.h, and art_rgb.h uses arg_config.h without including it
>> first.  Fix applied to CVS, just remove include of art_config.h from
>> lib/dialibartrenderer.c.
> Thanks!  It looks like app/render_libart.c has this problem as well.

Indeed.  art_rgb.h shouldn't have been included at that point in the first
place.  Try this patch:

Index: app/render_libart.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/dia/app/render_libart.c,v
retrieving revision 1.38
diff -r1.38 render_libart.c
< /* Bug in libart: art_rgb.h uses art_config stuff without including it
<  * first. */
< #include <libart_lgpl/art_config.h>
< #include <libart_lgpl/art_rgb.h>
> #include <libart_lgpl/art_rgb.h>

which is also just committed, but I'm not sure when the daily update is.


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