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RE: using dia for graphs (as in graph theory)

I second this. I think dia should remain as a graphics editor, not try to be
an UML validator.


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Subject: Re: using dia for graphs (as in graph theory)

I don't think the objects should say anything about whether they can
connect to unknown other objects.  I'd hate to try to set up an unorthodox
diagram only to find that the editor says no for no good reason.  What we
could do, and I'd like to see, is have connections verify whether they make
sense within their own sheet, so e.g. realizes doesn't point to a class.
Preferably it should not forbid it, but indicate that it's a connection
that doesn't make sense (like a text editor doesn't prevent you from making
spelling errors).  We'd need to allow connections to check before they're
connected for that to work.


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