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Re: [Fwd: [preview-latex-devel] dvipng-0.1 released]

On 21 Jul 2003, Alejandro Aguilar Sierra wrote:
> IMHO this option (using EPS) is better since a raster image would loose
> quality with rescaling. BTW PyX does a very good job including La/TeX in
> graphics: http://pyx.sourceforge.net/

That looks like pretty close to what we need.  We just need to add a cache
so as to not re-run TeX every time we render.  PyX contains a dvi->ps
converter, I think we could do with calling dvips (I'm willing to assume
that's installed when TeX is).  Or we could use the dvi parser in PyX to
import dvi directly.  However, this is all in Python, so either it'll be a
Python plug-in, or somebody will need to make a C version.  


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