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Re: [patch] middle click panning and related

On 15 Jul 2003, Krzysztof Foltman wrote:
> Contains:
> patch 1. middle button panning + SHIFT and CONTROL functions for
> scroll wheel (SHIFT = x scroll, CONTROL = zoom) + shift click for
> sticky tools (in fact, it reverses tool stickyness) - I had to replace
> "toggled" signal (which isn't triggered on reclicking same button with
> different SHIFT state) with "clicked"

I was about to apply this, but some of the details in it are still too
messy.  For the panning, I still don't like having a new global variable
for the previous tool.  It should instead be passed to create_scroll_tool
and stored in the ScrollTool structure.  For the tool stickiness reversing
-- which UI-wise is nice -- adding an extra parameter to a bunch of central
calls just for that is ugly -- better to pass in at least the full set of
modifiers so they could be used for other purposes.

Sorry to delay so long, but it's harder to review a complex, multi-function
patch than a simple one, and so more easily gets pushed behind other

Some notes for patch-creators: Please keep each patch to one purpose.  If I
agreed with one part of this patch and not the other, I would have to put
in a lot of extra work to single those parts out.  Also, please refrain
from doing cleanup together with functional patches, it makes reviewing
harder.  Cleanup as a stand-alone patch woud be fine.

> patch 2. some name changes for flowchart sheet,
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=115238 (doesn't fix the bug
> completely, just the naming part).

This one is fine and committed (though with a thought attached in the


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