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Re: status dxf svg formats

On 14 Jun 2003, bruce davison wrote:
> Yep tried all of that.
> Environment Win2000 Professional sp3
> Autocad 2002
> Dia v 0.91
> Attached is the original drawing and converted files
> 4WE6HZ.dwg - original drawing
> 4WE6HZ.dxf - autocad 2002 converted - no scaling
> 4WE6HZ.shape - exported
> 4WE6HZ.png - generated
> 4WE6HZ.1.dxf - autocad 2002 converted - SCALED to .1
> 4WE6HZ.1.shape - exported
> 4WE6HZ.1.png - generated
> I am happy to get my hands dirty to solve this if someone can point my
> in the right direction.

I see that it's rather big.  I suspect that the importer, while it gets
scaling right, doesn't get the units right.  The importer is
plug-ins/dxf/dxf-import.c, and should be easy to understand.  There's an
overview of the file format at
http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/mxr/gfx/3d/DXF12.spec.  I don't have time to
get into it now, if you could figure this out, it'd be great.


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