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Re: Dia and CVS

On 7 Aug 2003, Ian Epperson wrote:
> Here at my company, we're stuck in the Windows world.  Last year, we
> discovered CVS and there was much rejoicing.  Now, just about everything
> gets put into CVS.

CVS good.  CVS friend.

> I've been evaluating Dia, and it looks great!  Thank you to everyone who
> made this possible!  Unfortunately, it's not very CVS friendly.  I think
> with two minor tweaks, that could change.
> First, being able to save the document out as text is perfect!  What
> isn't perfect is that when the document is re-opened, the default save
> re-compresses the file.  If Dia could remember that a file was
> un-compressed when it was opened, then every time it saved the file, it
> could stay un-compressed.

Which version of Dia are you using?  In version 0.91, it remembers what you
did the last time -- so since you propably always want them uncompressed,
you can go with that.  There's also an option in Preferences for this.

I can see it making sense to preserve the compressed-ness of an opened
diagram, though.

> Second, the XML seems to have no line breaks in it.  As CVS merge/diff
> operations work on a line by line basis, it would be best if there were
> as many line breaks as possible in the file.  At the very least, one per
> object.  If there were a break on every ">", then it would be possible
> for one user to edit the text of an object, while the another manipulates
> the size/position.

Look into ~/.dia/diarc, and set pretty_formatted_xml=true.  Then it should
be line-based, at least in 0.91.

I hope this increases your enjoyment of Dia.  And watch this space for the
upcoming version 0.92.  Now, before you notice the glaring errors in the
above, I shall perform my absquatulation to go make dinner.


Lars Clausen (http://shasta.cs.uiuc.edu/~lrclause)| HĂ„rdgrim of Numenor
"I do not agree with a word that you say, but I   |----------------------------
will defend to the death your right to say it."   | Where are we going, and
    --Evelyn Beatrice Hall paraphrasing Voltaire  | what's with the handbasket?

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