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Some featurerequests


I have some features that I'd like to see in DIA and love to help with, but I
would like some feedback on things.

The first feature is a double-line for the normal line. Currently, dia has 
in the LineStyle. I'd like to have a LINESTYLE_DOUBLE or similar in it.
However, such a LINESTYLE_DOUBLE would probably require lots of tweaks (for
instance the ending points of the line (ARROW_*)). Is it possible in the
current code to "easily" add such a double-line? Or would it be preferable to
create a special shape for it? 

If a seperate shape is advised, how can I make sure that this shape has the
same possibilities as the current line wrt the ending points (ARROW_*)
without creating a shape for each possible combination?

The second feature is regarding the middlemousebutton menu: currently, if you
press the middle mouse button on a line, it gives you
	Add connection point
	Delete connection point

I'd like to have extra options that add a bridge, meaning that two lines that
cross each other cannot confuse the users about whereto what line goes. As an
image sais more than a thousand words, please view
http://studwww.ugent.be/~sjvermeu/dia-0001.png. Sorry for the freehand draw 

That bridge should be moveable though, so it's like "Add corner" in the
polyline, only it's not a corner but some small arc.

This feature is more ease-of-use because I know I can just draw a line, then
draw an arc, and then draw a line again, but it would be fun if I could do
this more easily.

	Sven Vermeulen

    Save some animals, eat a vegetarian.

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