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Re: Roadmap for 0.92

Le Fri, Aug 01, 2003, à 03:30:21PM -0500, Lars Clausen a écrit:

> > I should warn you that because of work and a certain beligerrant
> > Operating Systems Manufacturer refusing to allow me to instal the
> > software because they no longer provide support for my perfectly adequate
> > operating system that I have been forced to squander many hours upgrading
> > to 'Newer Technology' and I expect I will have to waste many more hours
> > sorting out drivers and service packs.  <sigh>
> Best of luck to you.  I am afeared that I will end up working with products
> from the aforementioned Manufacturer eventually, if I can't find real work.

Heh, as long as you can scrounge up a used box to ssh+XFree86 into, and do
there stuff you can prove is valuable to your work (or alternatively, spare
enough cycles for a vmware, or failing that, at least put CygWin), it's not
THAT painful ;-)

	-- Cyrille


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