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Re: upgrade from 0.88.1 to 0.90: diagrams broken

On 1 Aug 2003, Krzysztof Foltman wrote:
> Lars Clausen wrote:
>> As has been mentioned in bugzilla, this was a regrettable change that
>> was changed back in 0.91.  They are now resizable again.
> What about a property, Size to fit ? (set to false in <=0.88 and true
> in <=0.91) ?

No, it has the same behaviour now as in 0.88.1, namely that as text is
entered, it will increase in size as needed, but if the users resizes it
(no smaller than the text), it will retain that size.  In 0.90, it was
always the text size, with the handles non-grabbable.  That was a mistake.


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