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Re: Ideas for better text entry

On 1 Aug 2003, Krzysztof Foltman wrote:
>> Current text entry is really bad.
> 101% right. So is the new proposal on how to fix it.
>> to subclass GtkTextView to fix that.  More importantly, I need a better
>> system for when to stop editing -- currently it just looks for
>> focus-out, which is not the right thing.
> IMHO, the text should be accepted on:
> - ENTER key (Shift-ENTER for newline ?)  

For single-line entries, yes.  Multi-line entries (of which there are but a
few currently) should probably have Enter do a newline, and so only exit
edit by clicking somewhere else.

> - changing focus (by TAB or mouse etc) and maybe switching application
> too

Don't think I want switching application to end edit.  If moving back and
forth between Dia and some other window to read off text, you'd want to
keep the focus.

> - clicking anywhere outside of the text view


> ESC could undo editing.

An entire editing 'session' would become part of the undo stack.  Undo
within the TextView should be done in whatever manner Gtk usually does.


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