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Re: Noob testing on Win32....

> > > > Hummmm.....
> > > > I'm afraid I use Gentoo (Not Debian) and I don't use X.
> > > you dont need x to help test compile, that is the great thing.
> > > It could even be automated.
> > Except I'm going to be missing stacks of libs.... no?
> Probably

Sorry, that is wrong.

> > > Ahh, can you try installing the debian source packages under
> gentoo?
> > > there must be way to convert, I will look into that.
> > Havn't a clue. I think their quite different, Gentoo uses BSD style
> ports
> > called ebuilds rather than packages. Maybe I can install the debian
> i thought it was called 'portage' but anyway

I am working on portage right now,
/sys-apps/portage is the directory with the sources in the gentoo.
Maybe I can get it running under debian.

> If you could find where it breaks and help to figure out what changes
> would be need to be made to the makefiles to get it to compile on
> Gentoo.

> > > > Sorry. Is there any straight up Win32 testing I can help with?
> > > Maybe you can alien out the exes and libs for testing?
> Alien is a program for converting between package formats (and as
> such
> extracting binaries from non native packages).  Google for Alien and
> or package should turn up something, the homepage for Alien might be
> on
> sourceforge but i forget and i dont have time to check right now.
> I empathise with your situation.
> Providing binaries makes testing easier for everyone, i almost never
> compile anything.  Other projects keep the version in CVS so that
> it can always be easily built and some have regular automated
> builds every day.  It is all about lowering the barrier to entry
> and making it as easy as possible for those who are willing to help
> to get involved.  It is hard to convince developers that the work
> required
> to build infrastructure and community is worth it in the longer run,
> and
> frankly it is not as interesting work.

Well I am putting in this work. 
The job of a porter is to make the port reproducable,
not just to produce binaries. The source code produced by a porter are
the shell commands that are needed to compile. This needs to be
distributed and documented. 

The issue here is setting up an entire new system for gentoo.
I will look into that.

> I really have no choice but to practice what i preach and get off my
> ass
> and start compiling Dia myself.

If you have a debian box, it is not very easy.

> I am always happy to pass on my limited knowledge and welcome anyone
> who
> is willing to help.

I hope that you might help test the new ports as they come along.


James Michael DuPont

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