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Re: Noob can't print right on Win32....

I'm afraid I use Gentoo (Not Debian) and I don't use X. I also don't have
the time to get into cygwin in the depth I suspect I would need too :(
Sorry. Is there any straight up Win32 testing I can help with?


> > > > I'll help any way I can with testing......
> > > Well, we are coming along with the new windows porting of the
> > packages,
> > > if you want to help test them and help with the porting, then
> > please
> > > do. 
> > How would I go about doing that? 
> You need to setup a debian box, get all the packages described on the
> page I sent you last http://introspector.sourceforge.net/dia_win32.htm
> Then you can download and test the builds of the various packages, and
> help fix some of the simpler bugs (like removing conflicting files from
> the build) or help port some more packages.
> If you setup the env correctly, you should be able to build and test
> with just a simple command.
> Well, under windows itself, right now, it is much more difficult, you
> need to get the cygwin and the dpkg for cygwin. I have a bunch of
> patches for that, and have ported some packages to it but dont have any
> testers.
> > Should I just keep an eye on the
> > http://dia-installer.sourceforge.net/ page? 
> Not yet, this thing is a while off from being installable, 
> we are still working on compiling all the modules under mingw32.
> > I can't find a Win32 Dia
> > page
> > on freshmeat :(
> > Is there a beta testers list I should join?
> The mailling list is here :
> http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/introspector-mingw32

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