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Re: Feature Request

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Robert Smith wrote:
> Ok I have a feature request, if at all possible, though i don't know how
> much coding this will take.
> Snap lines : If the shift key is held whilst drawing lines they only can
> be drawn at certain angles, e.g. 180, 90, 45 and 30 degrees.

Some of this can be done with <Diagram>->View->Snap to Grid, but not all.

> This would be very useful, as it would make drawing straight lines
> (completely straight e.g. all on the exact same plane) at these angles a
> hell of a lot easier, and would cut down on my drawing time considerably.
> Thank you for your time and I hope that you consider this request as i
> believe that it would greatly benefit the program.
> BTW. If you need anything done such as web design with php/mysql or
> general graphics then just ask as I am willing to help out in any way
> that I can.

Talk to Alan Horkan about prettying up the icons for the shapes he's
making.  That's the only graphics stuff I can think of right now.


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