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Re: Noob can't print right on Win32....

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Nick Fisher wrote:
>> > I'm in the US so I'm using letter sized paper.
>> AFAIK, that is exactly your problem.
>> US Letter is narrower than A4
>> so the on screen lines will be misleading.
> I used to live in the UK and I've run across this one before ;) Infact
> ANSI A paper is .6cm wider and 1.8cm shorter.....  This is what confuzes
> me. If this was the problem the diagram should be to narrow and too
> long... not too wide. however this may be why I always get a blank sheet
> of paper with every print.  Also when I change back to A4 (Page setup
> appears to have paper size support) the problem is still there (I'm using
> GhostScript to view)!  And landscape mode is totaly whacked out no matter
> what the size..  I'm wondering if this is a Dia thing or a Win32 Dia
> thing.

I've been using Linux Dia with Letter paper for a long time without this
problem, so I'm guessing it's a Win32 Dia problem.  Probably the same as

>> Hopefully you can workaround it.
> My current tactic is to eport to PNG...
> Not very handy but it works for now...

Oh, that's horrible.  Can you export to EPS and use Ghostscript to print?


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