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Re: Restricting possible connections

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 08:05:51PM +0200, ed.hunter@seznam.cz wrote:
> But, maybe, the function could be called only once - for the connection object. If the
> connection object wants, it can call some function in the two connected objects.
> (But that would mean that it has to be able to find about objects' classes. Can it do
> it now?)
> so e.g.:
> gboolean can_connect_objects (Object *self, Object *from, Handle *from_h, Object *to, Handle *to_h)

In principle, one function call is preferable to two or
three :-)  Question: How do I prevent a user from connecting
a simple "line" with a UML class, if only the UML object
"knows" about this access rights?  (Note: I'm relatively new
to the dia internals...)

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