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Re: Dia shapes for chemistry

Yeah a lot of people use the kekule' structure but for phenolic compounds, this can often lead to a misinterpretation of chemical compound structures and reactions, hence why I use the circle to show the delocalised electrons. In this way the electrons from the O in the phenols are also accounted for.


On Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:42:48 +0100
Andrew Marlow <apm35@student.open.ac.uk> wrote:

> dia-list@gnome.org writes:
> >Hmmn I have used chemtool, and it is great, but you can't draw circles
> >which are important for showing delocalised electrons, e.g. benzene.
> >Hence why I use dia.
> I'm suprised that this form is in such wide use. I thought that people
> tended to use the Kekule cyclohexatriene form even though we know the
> bonds are hybridized.
> $0.02.
> apm (apologies for being slightly OT...)
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