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Re: Formatting problems in RedHat 8.0


  Thank you for your prompt response.  I will give the
CVS version a try later tonight.  In the meantime, can
you recommend a particular font/size that would
minimize this issue if possible?  Right now, I'm just
using the default and I have not tried adjusting the


--- Lars Clausen <lrclause@cs.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> The spacing on text boxes in general on 0.90 was
> suffering from problems
> with resizing of fonts.  Basically, fonts don't
> scale linearly.  We took a
> conservative margin to make sure no fonts ran over
> the edge, this leaves
> extra space at some sizes.
> In the CVS version, we attempt to account for this
> by picking one scale and
> then resizing fonts at other scales to match the
> relative length of that.
> It's not perfect, but it's somewhat better.
> -Lars

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