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Re: Re[2]: transparency as default

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Tim Ellis wrote:
>>For each object type, you can double-click the icon in the toolbox to
>>bring up the defaults dialog for that.  Of course, if you want
>>transparent background for different kinds of objects, you have to set
>>that for each kind.  And it's not temporary, but can be set back the
>>same way.
> The UML shapeset doesn't appear to follow this convention. For UML, what
> I do is create a single "dummy" instance of the shape I want many of,
> then instead of creating a new one each time, I copy the "dummy" object
> and paste it, then edit.

Most of the UML things are ok, but in particular the UML class object is
really nasty.  

> This way I can have say ten classes that are each the exact same shade of
> red, and ten more the exact same shade of blue.
> Of course, it'd be nice to be able to select ten classes and bring up a
> dialog that would change all of them to be some other colour. Right now I
> unzip the .DIA savefile, do a search/replace for #xxyyzz-->#aabbcc which
> might be a little much for most GUI users.

If you group them together, they change attributes together, however
there's a bug in that that causes too many attributes to change.  That's
one of the first things we'll fix after the Gtk 2.0 release.


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