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Re: Autodia SQL patch (for doing "sql2dia")

> From: Bryce Harrington <bryce@osdl.org>
> Autodia is a tool for automatically generating Dia diagrams from source
> code files.  For example, it helps in building inheritance diagrams.  It
> handles perl, java, C++, C, and Php.

It does indeed - but your milleage will vary :)

Anybody with success (or failure) stories would be thanked hugely if they
let me know - the problem with opensource is that people only tell you if
something is broken ;) this means if you get a handful of emails about
bugs - either it works for some other people and they just get on with
using it (like I do with 99.999%v of the OSS stuff I use) or more likely
in my case they just move onto something else.

> This patch adds to it a (crude) handler for SQL.  It generates the UML
> boxes to describe the tables.  It also puts in lines to link tables
> together, but not very well, and is peculiar to my database naming
> scheme, so YMMV on that bit.  See README & screenshots for more info.

I am adding the patch this evening - I also plan to add argouml and
graphviz support soon too. better still I will set up an autodia or
diatools (for discussion of autodia, dia2foo, foo2dia, bitching about
visio and arguing about graphviz) in the near future thanks to a friend
who is providing me with a shell and london.pm's shiny new mailing list
manager (written in perl, like all good software).

if anybody has hacked on a argouml to dia (or vice versa) perl script
could they let me know as I am planning on some funky graphviz <--> dia
<--> argouml conversion code soon.

regards all,


Aaron J Trevena - Perl Hacker, Kung Fu Geek, Internet Consultant
AutoDia --- Automatic UML and HTML Specifications from Perl, C++
and Any Datasource with a Handler.     http://droogs.org/autodia

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