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Re: minor bug report...

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> hello dia developers !
> dia was just pointed out to me by a friend, and i immediately liked
> it very much.
> thanks to you all for a great piece of code !
> i have seen some minor problems when exporting to png: bezier curves
> are not rendered correctly.
> for an example, see
> http://spunk.dnsalias.org/download/LinuxTag_JACK-Diagram.png
> the source is at the same location.

I see it, and reproduce it.  It appears to be a bounding box problem -- the
PNG renderer only renders within each items BB, but the BB's seem to have
collapsed in the file.  I'm guessing you're running an older version that
doesn't do bezier BB's correctly.  Which version are you running?  If you
feel liking compiling Dia, the CVS version doesn't seem to suffer from
this.  If not, you could add an extra segment with the control point at the
top of the bend.

That's a pretty diagram, btw.


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