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Re: Three arrows

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Tom Sorensen wrote:
>> I'm not sure about whether a stem is a good idea or not, either.
> The stem is a great idea IMO. It's particularly important for arcs, where
> you don't have the controls beziers provide.

Indeed.  I'm thinking an adjustable stem would be the best.  By default no
stem, but you can add up to 100% of the length.

> There's numerous special cases to consider - particularly joining a
> curved line to a polygon with non horizontal/vertical surfaces - but even
> if only the basic cases work at first this is a major improvement over
> how it is now.

Indeed.  The whole way arrows meet objects will need a redesign.  I will be
satisfied with the arrow pointing at the connection point, not beyond it,
for a major release, though.


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