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Fwd: Sheet/Object Manager

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Greetings, Dia-masters!

Presently I (M.C. Nelson) are working on a
new dialog for dia which will allow you to create new sheets,
place objects on new or old sheets, rename, remove, and otherwise
manage sheets and objects for your dia-ing pleasure.  :-)

This is not exactly a trivial undertaking (more complex than a
teacup, but less complex than a '69 Thunderbird), but we are
surely making progress and hope to have something in the cvs
by the end of March, barring unforseen catastrophies.

Being hip-deep in code means that I do not regularly read this list.
(I believe Steffen does. :-)  If you need to communicate with me,
please email me at <mcn@kobayashimaru.org>.  Offers of advice or
help will be politely declined, lest this take till March 2003.
Testers will be most welcome once its in the cvs.

Your patience is appreciated!

 - michael -

PS.  "Who the hell am I?"  Who cares?  Its Free as in 'freedom',
     and Free as in 'free beer'.  Enough said.


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